Kar-Hwa Ho on the future of retail

The latest instalment of the webinar series ‘Interior Architecture Reconsidered’ organised be the Society of British and International Interior Designers (SBID) that explores how the post-pandemic environment has forced us to reconsider our understanding of the traditional definitions of living, working and leisure will take place on Thursday the 14th October at 12pm (BST).

Hosted by SBID’s founder & CEO Vanessa Brady, Kar-Hwa Ho, Head of Interior Architecture at Zaha Hadid Architects will be joined by guest speaker Sylvie Freund Pickavance, strategy and business development director at Valueretail; David McNulty, head of architecture at ICICLE Fashion Group, to discuss how evolving consumer attitudes and behaviours impact the design, use and significance of retail environments. 

Register to the webinar via link below

Webinar: Interior Architecture Reconsidered – The future of retail

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