ME Dubai wins Prix Versailles Continental Award 2021

The ME Dubai hotel within Opus for Omniyat has won a Prix Versailles Africa and West Asia 2021 award, in the ‘Hotels’ category.

The Prix Versailles celebrates inspiration, progress and
inclusion with its mission to transform architecture and design into tools for
sustainable ecological, societal and cultural development. Twelve Prix Versailles World Titles will be
selected from the regional winners and announced on 15 December 2021.

Opus was designed as two separate towers that coalesce into
a singular whole—taking the form of a cube. The cube has been ‘eroded’ in its
centre, creating a free-form void that is an important volume of the design in
its own right. The two halves of the building on either side of the void are
linked by a four-storey atrium at ground level and also connected by an
asymmetric bridge 71 metres above the ground.

The cube’s double-glazed insulating facades incorporate a UV
coating and a mirrored frit pattern to reduce solar gain, while the void is
created from 4,300 individual units of flat, single-curved or double-curved
glass. The high-efficiency glazing units are comprised of 8mm Low-E glass
(coated on the inside), a 16mm cavity between the panes and 2 layers of 6mm
clear glass with a 1.52mm PVB resin laminate.

During the day, the cube’s facade reflects the sky, the sun
and the surrounding city; whilst at night, the void is illuminated by a dynamic
light installation of individually controllable LEDs within each glass panel.

Furniture by Zaha Hadid Design is installed throughout the
hotel, and the hotel’s bedrooms incorporate the ‘Vitae’ bathroom collection,
designed by Hadid in 2015 for Porcelanosa, continuing her fluid architectural
language throughout the hotel’s interiors.

Prix Versailles

Photograph by Laurian Ghinitoiu

Source: zaha hadid

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