Shajay Bhooshan on ‘Participatory architecture’ at the University of Calgary, Canada

Shajay Bhooshan, Associate Director at Zaha Hadid Architects
and co-founder of Zaha Hadid Computation & Design Research (ZHA CODE) will
be speaking on “Participatory architecture – online and on land: Democratising,
engaging and responsible design” at the University of Calgary as part of their
Design Matters lecture series.

Design Matters is a thought-provoking lecture series
organized by the university’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape,
which seeks to inspire transformative change. The series invites a range
of designers, innovators, and thought leaders exploring the edge of design and
city building, to challenge attendees to broaden their thinking on a myriad of
issues related to design. 

This lecture, the series’ first in-person event of 2022,
will take place on Wednesday the 16th March, 5.00pm -7.30pm (MDT) at the City
Building Design Lab at the University of Calgary in Canada.

Register at the University of Calgary website via link below

Design Matters with Shajay Bhooshan “Participatory architecture – online and on land”

Source: zaha hadid

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