Striatus – the first of its kind 3D concrete printed arched bridge

A project by the Block Research Group (BRG) at ETH Zurich and Zaha Hadid Architects Computation and Design Group (ZHACODE), in collaboration with incremental3D, made possible by Holcim.

Establishing a new language for concrete, Striatus is circular by design, combining traditional masonry with advanced technologies.

through geometry

Achieving strength through geometry, the Striatus bridge stands solely through
compression without reinforcement. Using advanced technologies, from
computational design and engineering to robotic manufacturing, Striatus revives
traditional master builders’ techniques.

Circular by design
Striatus was designed to place material only where needed, significantly reducing its environmental footprint. With no reinforcement and using dry assembly without binders, it can be repurposed repeatedly.

A new language for concrete
Striatus opens up a world of possibilities with concrete in a design that is
structurally informed, fabrication-aware and ecologically responsible. Material
is precisely placed to build more with less.

Being built for the “Time Space Existence” exhibition, hosted by the European Cultural Centre (ECC) during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.

Opening soon at the Giardini della Marinaressa, Venice, Italy.

Image & animation download

Discover more here:
Striatus website
Concept animation


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