Striatus wins Rethinking The Future Awards 2022

Striatus is one of three projects by Zaha Hadid Architects
(ZHA) named winner of the Rethinking The Future (RTF) Awards 2022.

Rethinking The
Future Awards is an annual architecture award program which aims to promote
outstanding work in the field of Architecture and Design across the world.

Striatus is an arched masonry footbridge composed of
3D-printed concrete blocks assembled without mortar or reinforcement, developed
by the Block Research Group (BRG) at ETH Zurich and Zaha Hadid Architects
Computation and Design Group (ZHACODE), in collaboration with incremental3D
(in3D) and made possible by Holcim.

The 16 x 12 metre footbridge is the first of its kind,
combining traditional techniques of master builders with advanced computational
design, engineering and robotic manufacturing technologies. Proposing a new
language for concrete that is structurally informed, fabrication aware,
ecologically responsible and precisely placed to build more with less, Striatus
optimises the properties of masonry structures, 3D concrete printing (3DCP) and
contemporary design; presenting an alternative to traditional concrete

The name “Striatus” reflects its structural logic and fabrication process. Concrete is precisely printed in layers orthogonal to the main structural forces to create a “striated” compression-only structure that requires no mortar or reinforcement. Using a special concrete ink developed by Holcim, this method of 3D concrete printing combines the principles of traditional vaulted construction with digital concrete fabrication to use material only where it is structurally necessary and eliminate waste. As the construction does not need mortar, the blocks can be dismantled, and the bridge reassembled at different location. If the construction is no longer needed, the materials can simply be separated and recycled.

Photograph by Naaro

Source: zaha hadid

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