ZHA’s ‘Future Cities’ exhibition in Chengdu now open

The ‘Future Cities’ monographic exhibition
examines the innovations shaping 21st century urbanism and traces Zaha Hadid
Architects’ (ZHA) projects that are redefining urban landscapes around the

Charting ZHA’s multi-disciplinary approach in
developing new ideas and concepts to improve how the industry designs and
constructs, the exhibition showcases the investigative spirit within their

In more than 70 award-winning built works to
date, and 60 projects currently in development across six continents, ZHA is
one of the world’s most consistently inventive architectural studios;
collaborating with visionary clients, communities and industry experts

ZHA’s architecture has evolved from their
research into the organic organizational and structural systems of the natural
world. These systems are evident within China’s historic architectural
traditions explored by the late Zaha Hadid on her first journeys through China
more than 40 years ago.

Marrying pioneering digital design methods
with ecologically sound materials and sustainable construction practices, ZHA
does not look at the disparate parts, but works to understand them as a whole;
delivering practical solutions to the defining challenges of our era.

As technological advancements rapidly change
the way we live, work and interact, the spirit of creativity and innovation
within ZHA’s architecture is defined by the myriad of possibilities that enable
urban societies to flourish.

Schumacher, principal of ZHA, explains: “The motivation to move into cities,
ever larger, ever denser cities, and into ever larger buildings, is clear: we
come together to network, to synergize knowledge, to exchange and to cooperate.
The built environment becomes an information-rich, empowering and exhilarating
360-degree interface of communication and networking machine.

“In the
future, even more than is evident already now, this super-dense build up will
be a mixed-use build up, where multiple life-processes intersect. These
life-processes need to be ordered in intricate ways that nevertheless remain
legible and thereby empowering.”

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‘Future Cities’ exhibition
Until 08 May 2022

Future Design Arts Centre
Gongyuan Avenue, Eastern New Area, Chengdu, China 10:00am to 17:00pm (Closed on Mondays)

Photograph by Liang Xue

Source: zaha hadid

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